Social Responsibility

As a fast-growing responsible group, we recognize our duty of care to the people involved in the creation of our products. We therefore take our supply chain operations extremely seriously and have a demanding set of procedures and policies. We have strict work policies for all our employees across globe according to respective Government laws. Audits are supplemented by regular unannounced audits from our in-house Sourcing and Compliance team who help employees ensure they are compliant with law and regulations.

We have an in-house Quality Assurance Team whose remit is to ensure our products are compliant with consumer protection and product safety legislation, including Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals regulations, and are consistent in size. Our global team manages our factory compliance programme, while also working on continuous improvements in the supply chain. We believe in cooperation and incentives in order to improve sustainable business and we therefore work closely with our suppliers and industry collaborations to promote and achieve better standards.

As our responsibility towards the society we extend our specialization in creating garments, footwear for NGO’s and other organizations, which need support across the globe. Quarterly every year we run a programme to reach out to women and kids so that we can meet their needs according to our caliber.