Our Story

Why does London Rag Exist?

History of Fashion has been teaching us that it refers to the styles of clothing, footwear, accessories that are currently popular – ‘currently’ being relative in a particular region.
Every country, region, city even every individual has its own style. This diversity intrigues everyone to know what’s in style to keep up with the ever changing Fashion world. But the irony is that these styles are very restricted to those particular regions/ countries & not accessible to everyone.
This is the exact thought that passed London rag founder’s mind when he realised one-day strolling through the streets of the most fashionable city in the world ‘London’. With a will to make London fashion and style accessible to everyone, our brand London Rag was born.


While trends come and go and fashion is ever-changing, one thing that's remained the same throughout the years is that London famously carries the style of the upper class, influenced by English royalty and leads the way in smart sharp tailoring, shoe making and fine hand-crafting. So are our products, they are curated with an aesthetics and fondness towards the ever stylish & chic London fashion.

What is our mission?

Our purpose is to offer tasteful, edgy and feminine style with a vision to make it affordable and accessible to all the fashionistas out there. Our team spends countless hours designing & curating our catalogue - which means you never need to think twice about your styles when you own one of our pieces.