Spring Clothing

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      It's all about being bright, light, and stylish in spring. mini dresses, flowy dresses, skirts, shorts, frilled blouses, it's all in the details and the elegance in them. We see a lot of embroidery and print work as it looks lively, fun, and fashionable. Generally in the fashion world, Spring/Summer begins in January and ends in June. True Spring's best colors are sometimes warm greens, yellows, orangish reds, very swell pinks, and each shade of sunshine brown from tan to palest beige. There are also some hot colors like white, blush, nude, and neutrals like grey, black, and even olive. Spring is all about being colorful and light while looking like the fresh flowers of the season. And London Rag has a variety of colors in clothing that will leave you mesmerized. From intricate details, and patchworks, to pretty prints, the spring clothing is about looking lively and having the most fun!