LR Wallet Info

How to Earn Cashback

To Avail Cashback offer you need to have account on our website

On every order you will get 10% cashback on your wallet

Minimum cart amount should be HK$100 or more

Steps for redeeming Cashback Amount from your wallet

Step 1

When you will reach open cart page, you can see your wallet amount on right bottom of the page below the checkout button

Cart page
Step 2

After clicking on the checkout button you will be redirected to shipping information page where you need to fill in all shipping details

shipping details page
Step 3

Then next page is for shipping method , here you need to select shipping method .

shipping method page
Step 4

After shipping page, you will be redirected to payment page where you can Select Payment Gateway.
If you have money in your wallet then you can select Pay via Wallet to utilize wallet amount in the order.
If you do not have any amount in wallet you need to pay by Credit card or PayPal.
Once you select your preferred payment method you can click on complete order to Continue.

payment gateway page
Step 5

Then you will be taken to order confirmation page but the payment is not completed yet.
Once you are on order confirmation page you need to wait for 5-10 Seconds and then you will be redirected to the payment page where you need to pay balance amount (in case you pay partial amount from your wallet)

stripe payment page
Notes :

How to check wallet amount

  1. You can see your wallet amount on right side of navigation bar
  2. or you can see your wallet amount on account page on bottom
account page

On account page you can see your order history, wallet transaction and your pending order or pending payment

get 10% cashback on all your orders